So who are Chromatrope and why would you want to work with us?


Well, Chromatrope are a specialist digital consultancy and producer of innovative digital products. We are a small team based in the South East of the UK, with a wider established network of collaborators who work with us to produce our films, websites, applications and events.

Chromatrope was founded in 2011 by James who has a background in TV as a producer and director, having worked at the BBC, where he set up ran their ‘Learning Development’ and ‘Digital Product Development’ units. James is also a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio where he’s working on some health technology innovation.

A little while after starting Chromatrope James found he had too many clients for one digital innovator to handle so he was joined by Sally as a co-director who brings loads of experience to Chromatrope from her time as an architect and project manager.

The wider Chromatrope team is formed from a thriving community of talented freelancers and associated technology companies who share our commitment to generating imaginative and creative projects for our range of public, private and third sector clients.

We take digital innovation seriously and we’re committed to creating genuinely innovative digital products for a range of exciting clients. If you’d like to find out more about how we work and how we might work with you, please get in touch.